*UPDATED* Review Policy

Since I feel the need to Update my BLOG Policy: I will NOT guarantee that I will blog everything you send, if i dont personally like it or wont wear it i will NOT blog it period. If after awhile i see nothing I really like i will automatically drop your store review copies out of respect for you of course. I am busy in RL and when I do post just know im taking my time to make it nice for you as well and enjoyable for other readers. Please be aware of this before contacting me or accepting me as a blogger for you.  iam not trying to be a snob/or bitch by any means, but please ask me first on why i havent posted any of your items in awhile and I will happily give you an honest answer. The stores i did pick to blog for Iam greatful for because they always make awesome items :P Thanksss! Happy blogging!

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